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Daatos is our patented school management and franchise management software.

Some of it's functionalities are mentioned below:

SmartClass facilitates dynamic learning with full teacher/student collaboration.


Generate your child's attendance report online with some cool graphical analysis.

Daily Activity Reports

Knowing what your child has done for the day is just a click away. A detailed activity report will be given every day. You will also have access to a huge data uploaded over a period of time.

Live Update ( Infant & Toddler )

This feature is for kids in the age group of 6 months to 17 months. Updates as and when an activity transpires, will be uploaded on the ERP to curb the anxiety of sensitive parents.

Food Intake and Nutrition report

A comprehensive daily food intake and nutrition report with some cool graphs can be generated..

Online Academic assessments

Know how your child is performing in academics with a detailed insight on their strengths and areas which need improvement.

Ticket based customer support - Helpdesk

All your queries, requests or complaints are handled in a very professional manner through our ticket based system.

Payment gateway for online fee payment

Pay your child's fee through our exclusive payment gateway option covering a wide variety of banks and payment options.

Online fee quote

Get a fee quote by the click of a button.

Leave Intimation

You can now intimate any possible leave or absence from school with this feature.

Admission Discontinuation Intimation

You can now intimate your child's admission discontinuation with this feature.

Automated fee reminders and E-Receipts

Our automated system will give you timely and effective notifications when it's time for you to pay your child's fee.

Automated event reminders

Generate your child's attendance report online with some cool graphical analysis.


Keeping your busy schedule in mind, we have automated our process of giving you reminders whenever there is an event scheduled.

Online feedback

You can offer your feedback through our online feedback forms.