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  Begumpet Franchise Back to School Network  

1-11-217/2, Gurumurthy Lane
Street No.4, Lane next to Reebok Showroom
Begumpet, Hyderabad- 500 016, India

T: 040 - 2776 1010
M:  +91 -954 282 1010

E: begumpet@esperanzacorporate.com





The testimonials you see below are only a few from the hundreds we have with us.


We are happy that our child is a part of Esperanza. We feel assured he is safe here as we can see him through cameras. He is learning new rhymes..We are very satisfied overall

Parent of Jishnu Bhattacharya - Nursery– Gachibowli Campus


I am very happy with Harshul’s performance. He has really picked up well in Academics, as his studies were disturbed as we are always travelling. Care is also very good. Thank you Ayesha & Esperanza  for all the support

Parent of US Harshul  - UKG–  Banjara Hills Campus


Thank you!  Ayaan totally loves you and loves coming to school!

Parent of Ayaan Syed – UKG – Banjara Hills Campus


Excellent school with excellent staff and good improvement in my child except his naughty habits.

Parent of Sujal Singh Thakur  - UKG–  Banjara Hills Campus


Vardhan is grasping things well, trying to learn about colours and the shapes. Reciting part of the poem is good, action and singing while reciting is also good.

Parent of Vardhan Gupta - Playgroup–  Banjara Hills Campus


Esperanza has been a great help in looking after my son. Both me &my husband have seen a lot of change in him especially social skills and motor skills. He is beginning to eat food and loves being in Esperanza. Thank you for everything you do!
Parent of Sushir  - Infant–  Banjara Hills Campus


Child has improved a lot. She has started having food by herself. So much improvement in carrying herself and being self dependent. I am very happy with my child’s improvement.

Parent of Paridhi Gupta  - LKG–  Banjara Hills Campus


Identification of alphabets. Pictures is very good. Good progress in speaking English. Very happy with the day to day changes. Thank you very much!
Parent of Sarvajith  - LKG–  Banjara Hills Campus


We are really impressed with the things that you have been doing with my daughter!

Parent of Samsthutha - Playgroup–  Gachibowli Campus


We are very much happy with the way things are happening @ Esperanza. Be it food, study or other activities. We want to thank you for all the huge efforts Maria mam is putting in Dhruv and make him learn a lot of things. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU !

Parent of Dhruv Potharaju - LKG–  Banjara Hills Campus


There is really good improvement in his academic ability and he is good at Rhymes. The way Esperanza cares for my kid is encouraging and surely recommend other kids to join
Parent of Abhinav  - Playgroup–  Gachibowli Campus


I am really happy to note Hardik’s progress. Thanks to his excellent teachers. I very much appreciate the individual attention that he gets in the school. Thank you very much!

Parent of Hardik Sapra - UKG–  Banjara Hills Campus


We as parents are very happy to see the confident growth of our son. Thanks Esperanza and it’s excellent team and dedicated teachers and support staff.

Parent of Abhijay Rambabu  - Class 1–  Banjara Hills Campus


Our kids have a blast during the summer camp. They liked going out on field trips. Sree loved the activities especially swimming & skating. Definitely looking forward for the next year camp.
Parent of Sreeram & Pranav Sai  - Summer Camp Parent


My kid is treated so well here.
Parent of Vishnu  - Infant–  Mahendra Hills Campus


I would break a coconut in a temple if I can see a branch of Esperanza in Chennai at the earliest.
Parent of Myiesha Pattnaik  - Ex Nursery Student –  Banjara Hills Campus


Where do I begin? Probably before the academic year could begin i have heard such good things about Esperanza. Based on popular opinion, I expected great things for my daughter 'Trianna" this year-- and I have not been disappointed. Trianna has many good things to say about her class and school, from your animated storytelling to your funny dog stories to your kindness on the playground. It's comforting to know that not only is Trianna is getting a great education, but she is happy at school as well. My husband and I are so happy that Trianna is enjoying preschool. It’s not easy to send your first child to school but seeing what a great time Trianna is having makes it a breeze. And we know we have you to thank for that. The activities you plan, the room you decorate, the friendships you help foster-- it's all incredible, and it's helping our daughter (and us!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important. Have a great year end!! You deserve it!!

Parent of Trianna Akshitha – Nursery - Mahendra Hills Campus

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Esperanza Events in All Branches

Gandhi Jayanthi (Holiday) - 2nd October


Value Education (Truthfulness) - 3rd October

Field trip to Super market - 4th October

Safety & Alertness week - 7th - 12th October


Dussehra & Bakrid celebrations - 11th October

Dussehra (Holiday) - 14th October


Bakrid (Holiday) - 16th October


Farm fest - 17th - 19th October

Week of Favourite Characters - 21st -25th October

Pyjama Party - 22nd October

DIY (reading) - 25th October

Language week (Telugu) - 28thOctober -
1st November

Halloween(Orange day) - 31st October

Telugu day & Diwali celebrations - 1st November


Diwali (Holiday) - 2nd November

Safety & Alertness week - 4th -8th November


Toys day - 6th November


DIY (experiments) - 8th November


Community service week - 11th - 15th November


Sports activities for Children's Day - 11th & 12th November


Children's Day celebrations - 13th November


Muharram (Holiday) - 14th November


Value Education (Love & Serve) - 15th November


III PTM (Child conference) - 16th November


Self grooming (language week) - 18th-22nd November


Field trip to pet shop - 22nd November


Thanksgving Day - 28th November


Countries & Continents - 29th November


Pets week - 2nd-6th December


Role play - 6th December


Safety & alertness week - 9th-13th December


Value Education - 13th December


Self grooming - 16th December


Winter Carnival- Balloons Day - 18th December


Winter Carnival- Mirrors Day - 19th December


Winter Carnival - Colours Day - 20th December


Parent's Day - 21st December


Winter Carnival - Nail art - 23rd December


Winter Carnival - Cake baking - 24th December


Christmas (Holiday) - 25th December


Indoor games - 27th December


Cake baking - 28th December